Study Techniques and Skills for Online Learning 85C ( Archived )
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Mt. San Antonio College



March 31, 2015



Effective Term:   20091 - Summer 2009

Course ID:

STDY   85C


Study Techniques and Skills for Online Learning



Library and Learning Resources Division


Learning Assistance Department


Study Techniques

Short Title:

Online Learning Skills


Course Status:


Maximum Class Size:




Method of Instruction:



 Work Experience, Occupational


 Work Experience, General

 Lecture and Laboratory

 Open Entry/Exit

 Independent Studies


 Distance Learning (Distance Education Delayed) for online courses

 Distance (Hybrid Online) for online supported courses





  Lecture Hours:




  Lab Hours:



  Activity Hours:



  Clinical Hours:



  Total Hours:




Taxonomy of Programs (TOPS) Information:

TOPS Code and Course Program Title:

499900 - Other Interdisciplinary Studies


SAM Priority Code: 



Courses offered to apprentices only.


Advanced Occupational

Courses taken in the advanced stages of an occupational program. Each “B” level course must have a “C” level prerequisite in the same program area.


Clearly Occupational

Courses taken in the middle stages of an occupational program. Should provide the student with entry-level job skills.


Possibly Occupational

Courses taken in the beginning stages of an occupational program.




Discipline Placement:

State Transfer Code:

C1 Not Transferable, AA/AS Degree

Grading Method:

Letter Grade Only

Frequency Offered:





 On Demand

Earn Credit:

Non-repeatable Credit - equates to 0 repeats


Transfer Status

Baccalaureate Status is granted by the Educational Design General Education and Baccalaureate Level Subcommittee.

 CSU Transferable         CSU Approval Date:                      (mm/dd/yyyy)                  

 UC Transferable             UC Approval Date:                      (mm/dd/yyyy)                 


Course Requisites


Co requisite:


Eligiility for ENGL 67


Course Special Designators

Course Description:

A single purpose course designed to support learning in either an academic field or in a vocation. Focuses on skills for successful online learning and prepares students to take online classes and learn about effective online communication tools.

Course Outline:

- Learning Styles: multiple intelligences; left brain/right brain learning preferences, teaching styles/preferences
- On-Line Learning: Elicit self-awareness of personal suitability for the Web-based learning environment.
Reading skills
Writing skills (communication skills)
Ability to adapt to social interaction in the online environment vs. in-person contact of a traditional class.
Technical Computer Skills
Ability to be self-directed/motivated
- Engage in extensive Web-based interaction and communication with their instructors and their peers.
- Identify and use Mt. SAC technical support.
- Identify and use technological resources available for success in the academic environment.
- Analyze personal time and online course requirements, and demonstrate application of effective time management through the creation of a personal management plan.
- Final exam

Lab Outline:

Course Measurable Objectives:

Students will:
1. Identify different teaching and learning theories.
2. Identify academic strategies necessary for online learning success.
3. Identify and utilize research processes necessary for academic success.
4. Analyze current student schedule, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and apply appropriate management strategies.
5. Identify teambuilding strategies and apply those strategies to collaborative learning exercises.

Course Methods of Evaluation:

Category 1. Substantial written assignments for this course include:

Essay Exam(s)
Written Homework
Term or Other Paper(s)

If the course is degree applicable, substantial written assignments in this course are inappropriate because:

Category 2. Computational or non-computational problem solving demonstrations:

Homework Problem(s)

Category 3. Skills Demonstrations:

Student email
Course Management System tools: discussion forum, chat, messaging, and quizzes

Category 4. Objective Examinations:

Multiple Choice
Matching Items
Short Answer

Sample Assignments:

1. Assess your preferred learning style using the "Learning Style Preference" Website. Use your preferred learning style to obtain information and prepare a written evaluation of the effectiveness of using your preferred style, including examples that show that it was/was not effective.
2. Utilize the Internet to identify three research resources that would be appropriate for a college research paper according to MLA guidelines.
3. Using a topic covered in class, research the topic in more detail and create a presentation on your findings.


Representative Text:

 Book 1:


  Carl Wahlstrom, Brian K. Williams, and Peter Shea


  The Successful Distance Learning Student



  Date of Publication:




 Book 2:







  Date of Publication:




 Book 3:







  Date of Publication: