Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology ( Archived )
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Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology ( Archived )
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Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology ( Archived )

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This program outline is outdated. The new outline can be found here.

Program Type: Associate in Science Degree

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Division: Technology and Health Division

Program Description:
The Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) degree program prepares individuals either for initial employment or for enhancement of existing skills in the electronics field. In addition to exposing students to core topics such as components and circuits, the program includes coursework in advanced areas including microcontrollers and interfacing, communications, and industrial electronic controls. Nearly all laboratories have new, state-of-the-art equipment to provide students with quality, hands-on learning experiences.

Students completing ECET degree and certificate programs possess ample skills to make them versatile employees. Typical technician-level job classifications include field service technician, fields engineer, computer service technician, customer service technician, communications technician, maintenance technician and electronics technician. All students completing the degree program are automatically eligible to receive, without further examination, the 3rd class technician license from the National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers (N.A.R.T.E.).
There are no prerequisites and/or enrollment limitations.

Required Units in the Major:    45

Required Courses
  (45 units)
ELEC 11 - Technical Applications in Microcomputers (3.00 units)
  ELEC 12 - Computer Simulation and Troubleshooting (2.00 units)
  ELEC 50A - Electronic Circuits - Direct Current (DC) (4.00 units)
  ELEC 50B - Electronic Circuits (AC) (4.00 units)
  ELEC 51 - Semiconductor Devices and Circuits (4.00 units)
  ELEC 53 - Communications Systems (4.00 units)
  ELEC 54A - Industrial Electronics (4.00 units)
  ELEC 54B - Industrial Electronic Systems (3.00 units)
  ELEC 55 - Microwave Communications (4.00 units)
  ELEC 56 - Digital Electronics (4.00 units)
  ELEC 61 - Electronic Assembly and Fabrication (3.00 units)
  ELEC 74 - Microcontroller Systems (4.00 units)
  TECH 60 - Customer Relations for the Technician (2.00 units)

Required Electives (0 Units)


Recommended Electives
  (0 units)
CISP 11 - Programming in Visual Basic (3.00 units)
  EDT 11 - Technical Engineering Drawing I (3.00 units)
  ELEC 62 - Advanced Surface Mount Assembly and Rework (2.00 units)
  ELEC 76 - FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License Preparation (2.00 units)